Dear Lord,

I ask for nothing. I can get by.
But, I wish to rain a lot of tiny candies from the sky.
I wish to save the children who are starving to death.
Please keep me strong that I may be truly tender.
Please continue to use me to do Your will.

Only Love Can Do That

I pray for the missing and the dead
And for their grieving families.

I pray for the injured
And those who were spared.
May they feel no guilt for surviving

I pray for the police, the doctors
And the firefighters.
I pray for the brave volunteers.
Bless them all and their efforts.
Keep them safe from further harm.

Do not let me fall into the trap
Of racism or hatred,
For Islam is peace.
Judaism and Christianity are peace,
Buddhism and Confucianism are peace,

As are all of the religions
That point toward the Heavens,
For God, You are peace.

May You grant us the desire for justice
But not for revenge.

As in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.,

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
Only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
Only love can do that."

From The Dobhran's Greetings... Thanks to RN.
Music by John Lennon

Only love can and will heal our planet and our hearts.
Not bombs, but milk and flour.

with you
Love from Yumi in Japan

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