Acknowledgments 2001

I dedicate this site to my late friend, Eve . . . who always reminds me to stay true and count my blessings.

I thank Beth.  She has helped me a lot to build this attic in English version.  She is literally my English teacher.
I also thank all my bosom friends. Without their support, I wouldn't have even had the idea of trying it. I hope that their love and wisdom shows on every page.

Special thanks to:
Ana, Allen, Barbara, Betty, Bill, BK, collete, Dianne, EJ, Evy & Ed, Gail, Ina, Hiromi & Drian, Jean, Jessica, Joanne, Joe, Judy, Kara, Kevin, Lin, Linda Lou., Linda Sue, Lucy, Lyn, Lynn, Madeline, Maritza, Mark, Melody, Monnie, Paul, Ramji, Rena, Sparky, Susan, Tanae, Wendy, and Vicki.

My dear friends, thank you again... so much.  I really love you!  - Yummy 

Much love across the sea,
Yumi Shibahara Shibuya

Take good care of yourself.

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