Rieko Tamura

-Bobbin lace maker and designer-


Shiga, Japan

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Welcome to my web site.


Whilst lived in England in 1993, I visited Luton Museum and saw beautiful bobbin laces. This was first time for me to hear the word gbobbin laceh and saw bobbin laces. I was fascinated its beauty in a moment. I visited there week by week for some months. One day I noticed that I wanted to make bobbin lace. I applied local adult education centre to learn making bobbin lace.

This is the whole story why I started to make English bobbin lace. Since then I have been making and designing bobbin lace.



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uLacevNo.140@ The Lace Guild

g14th OIDFA World Lace Congressh at Kyoto City International Foundation

published uBucks Point Lace Patterns vol.1v@

uLacevNo.135@ The Lace Guild

published uTorchon Lace Patterns vol.1v

uLacevNo.132@ The Lace Guild

uLacevNo.131@ The Lace Guild

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