Room 3-9: Spring Dance in Kyoto
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Spring Dance in Kyoto
In Spring and Autumn in Kyoto, there held some Odrori (Dance) Shows by Maikos and Geishas (professional female entertainers) at some entertainment quarters such as Gion, Ponto-cho, Kitano and Miyagawa-cho. The dance mainly feature famous spots and events in Kyoto. The costumes of Maikos and Geishas are traditional and very colorful.
Maiko are known as doll-like looking ladies who dance at parties held in chaya. They are trained in classical dance and playing traditional drums when they are very young and become professional entertainers. Their beautiful appearance in Kyo-yuzen Kimono with Nishijin weaving dangling obi (a long sash) strongly impresses visitors with the beauty of the old capital. Though their main business is to entertain guests, maiko also plays an important role as a goodwill mission today.

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